You may have heard of Tian Yuan Xiang 田原香滴鸡精 — literally translated as Dripping Chicken Essence. Celebrities and influencers from Taiwan to Hong Kong have raved about its many health benefits, and with much excitement, it has recently reached our shores in Singapore
Given its rising popularity, If you have not been following what this chicken essence is about, let me share about its wonders in my review below! 

I’ve long heard of Tian Yuan Xiang’s great taste, nutritional benefits, high quality and value for money. Also, I’ve known that once you have just a single sip, you will become a convert. I was curious to find out if this was true because my memories of traditional chicken essence were mostly of its unpleasant fishy and bitter taste.

Not until I was pregnant in 2017 did my mum (who is a Taiwanese) tell me about this delicious chicken essence from Taiwan. She told me about how it tasted like a bowl of fresh chicken soup, and how it could benefit the whole family — even pregnant and breastfeeding mums!

It excited me to know that I no longer needed to sacrifice taste for nourishment if only I could get my hands on Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence!


Chicken Essence 滴鸡精 originated from the culturally and historically significant city of Tainan in Southern Taiwan. Back in the time of ancient dynasties, only wealthy families had the privilege to drink this precious liquid. It was considered to be extra-special because of the complicated process that was involved in making it.

In order to obtain an abundance of nutrients from the whole chicken, it requires a time-consuming process. The extraction of the purest and most nutritional essence of the chicken is done by a high-temperature method. The whole chicken is braised and stewed, and the oil is filtered repeatedly.


Whether you are a pregnant or breastfeeding mum, a growing child, a man or even an elderly person, this chicken essence from Tian Yuan Xiang is perfect for you. This is because it is low in calories and fat, and it does not contain any preservatives, artificial colouring or flavours. This makes it super-healthy for every single member of the family.

If you are looking to nourish and adjust your general constitution, the range of Chicken Essence provides more than just a supplement. Coupled with different Chinese herb ingredients could aid to boost energy, increase appetites and improves sleep gradually from the roots.

Furthermore, I’m truly impressed that there are different variations of this chicken essence that is made specifically for women in different stages of their lives. For example, there is chicken essence to help you prepare for motherhood, recover during confinement, and better deal with your pre- and post-menstrual cycle. It looks like Tian Yuan Xiang has definitely got us covered, whatever our needs might be!


Tian Yuan Xiang was established over 10 years ago and is the first double-boiled chicken essence to be certified by the Taiwan Health Department. It is also halal certified.

Without compromising on quality, Tian Yuan Xiang uses self-raised and strong young chickens, instead of old hens worn out from breeding.

Tian Yuan Xiang also provides a healthy environment for their chickens. Young chickens are reared on a free-range hillside, and a low ratio is maintained. This, in turn, enables a stress-free environment for the chickens to live in.

What’s more, only 150-day-old (instead of 70-day-old) chickens, whose nutrition and collagen are at optimum levels, are used for producing the chicken essence. Crucially, no antibodies or drugs are used during the entire process. As a mum whose family’s well-being comes first, I find this importance given to quality very reassuring.


There are 13 variants of Tian Yuan Xiang, each with their unique health benefits. In our family, we not only take it as a daily booster but we use it in our meals as well! Here’s how this chicken essence benefits me and my family.


No explanation is needed as to how demanding breastfeeding a baby can be, and being a work-at-home-mum is always challenging. I often feel exhausted by noon after sending my elder son to school, doing the household chores, and nursing my younger child.

In a bid to combat this fatigue and get more energy, I began drinking Tian Yuan Xian Chicken Essence with Eucommia 杜仲.

The amazing herb, Eucommia, which is known to help improve physical energy. For mummies liked me who can only work late at night after the kids sleep, tend to have weak Qi conditions such as dizziness and fatigues. Drinking CE with Eucommia works wonders in replenishing my kidney Qi and boost my vitality through my busy schedule.

After several drinks, I feel an improvement in my concentration and energy levels. I don’t see the need to take naps anymore, while in the past I need a noon nap to last me thru the day. At night, I also feel calmer when I need to burn midnight oil for work.

With my busy schedule, the individual packets are really handy for me to prepare at the start of my day.  I simply pour the contents into the cup and heat it up in the microwave for two minutes without defrosting it. 

All the tales of taking a sip and becoming a convert were true! It really tastes like a delicious, freshly-made chicken broth and now, I enjoy it every single day!

This specific variation is also recommended for pregnant mummies who need extra nourishment for themselves and their developing babies.


For children below 3 years old (above 12 months old), Pure Chicken Essence and Chicken Essence for Digestion are suitable for consumption. If you have children older than 3 years of age, Chicken Essence for Children and Original Chicken Essence will be a perfect fit!

All the more, if you have children who are picky eaters or don’t sleep well at night, Chicken Essence for Digestion contains herbs such as the Dioscoreae Rhizoma 山药,  Nelumbinis Semen莲子, Euryales Semen 芡实, Poria 茯苓 will aids in promoting better digestion and appetite. Many mummy influencers online have been raving of how the kids loved the taste, I simply can’t wait to get my hands on this variation at their flagship in United Square Mall.


To my husband, working late and sleeping late is a daily affair. Seeing him look so tired because of these erratic sleeping patterns, I made him also try out the chicken essence.

To his (and my own!) surprise, he told me after a few days of drinking it, he felt that his sleeping conditions improved at night. This made him wake up in the morning feeling refreshed. The chicken essence was definitely his energy booster and has helped take away some of the sleep-deprived grumpiness, too!

I found yet another unique way to use this chicken essence. A few days ago, I added one packet into our steamboat during dinner to boost the flavour of the broth. And it absolutely did! It was so rich in taste, we end up drinking the soup instead of eating the ingredients. 


Knowing that Tian Yuan Xiang has curated a box full of the goodness of approximately 3.5 whole natural chickens in each box, our whole family gives two thumbs up to this rich golden chicken essence. Alternatively, swing by their first store in Singapore, at United Square to take a look and bring it home some yummy chicken essence goodness to your family as well!

If you are keen to know more, head over to the Tian Yuan Xian website and Facebook fan page to be updated with their news and promotions! You can also check them out on Instagram.


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