Before I had kids, I had beautiful thick and shiny black hair because I hardly dye my hair and I washed it daily because of my work requirement. I have to spray my hair up in a bun or french twist before I go on board the aircraft, although the air up there doesn’t do any good, I had time after work to make sure I get to wash it clean with daily use of conditioners.


After I have kids, well, my routine of washing my hair delays to 2 days sometimes 3 times because I placed their priorities before mine. I’m unconsciously aware that my scalp is suffering from my other habits – including eating unhealthy and not getting much sleep at night. Very often I get really sensitive and itchy scalp which I just ignored the symptoms that were slowly building up.

My family member started to notice my dandruff filled head, my husband warning me about the choking bathroom sink (from hair loss!), and even myself I noticed the silvers appearing on my head. I know its time to make a change.


So, without any doubts when I heard about TOPPCARE HAIR SOLUTIONS, the first thing I had to do was to give it a visit to see if they have any solutions to help save my suffering mane!

I was secretly blown away by how comfortable their EAST POINT MALL outlet environment was, it exuded a calm and relaxing ambience as the white and blue color made up the whole location. I was promptly greeted warmly by their staff especially their manager, Helen, who gave me a scalp analysis. After scanning, I discovered that my scalp problem was rather serious and the reasons to why I’m losing way more hair than usual is definitely not to be ignored further.

I have 4 major problems – oily scalp, thinning, greying of hair and I have dandruff problems. Helen and her team were very generous in providing me a few advises and tips on how I should take care of my scalp while preparing my treatment for me. I was recommended to do their Topp Care Signature Absolutte Masque Hair Treatment which is suitable for all ages, including pregnant woman and kids.

Do you know that other than bad habits, sleeping disorder, postpartum hormones, and even stress hormones can cause your scalp to develop problems? Yes, that’s me and I needed help!


This treatment is suitable for everyone who has issues with thinning and greying of hair.

This hair treatment is its first of its kind of hair treatment that contains a Dual Effect benefits to the hair. It is specially formulated to target thinning of hair as it counteracts age-related hair changes and reverses the symptoms of grey hair providing essential nutrients for hair loss prevention.

What it does is it firstly cleanest the scalp and follicles of impurities, and activates scalp cells so as to prevent premature aging and restore moisture in the scalp and hair follicles.

Got to fill up details while waiting for my session to start

In order to achieve this, ingredients such as the Western Botanicals – Saw Palmetto, Almond oil, and Jojoba oil to create a variety of customized masques to target individual hair concerns.

Without adding any hair damaging chemicals, what I get out of this treatment would be naturally thicker and darker hair. The amazing thing is I will have the instant results right after the treatment. Saying bye bye to pre-aging white hair to a darker tone of brown. My scalp would enjoy an entirely reborn, refreshed and cleaner mane!


Being a safe alternative to target greying hair, I enjoyed the entire process. I was offered drinks and their friendly staff gave me the recommendation to try their red date tea which also helps in promoting blood circulation for the scalp!

And so, we began shortly firstly with a cleansing wash using their floral smell hair shampoo for hair loss. To make sure my scalp was really clean, my thoughtful therapist gave me a second wash.

Drying my hair!

Next proceeding to the application of their Signature Absolute Hair Masque with specially curated natural western botanical ingredients. Thru out my treatment, I was explained on the steps to follow and benefits. This was a great move as this is my first time here and I definitely love to know more!

My entire head was gradually wrapped up for the steam process that lasted about an hour.  After which, the session ended with a therapeutic acupressure-point scalp massage for optimum hair growth by increasing blood flow to the hair follicles.

Alien looking me was wrapped with western botanical ingredients safe for breastfeeding mums
Applying hair lotion

It not only alleviate all the stress on my scalp, but they also had a unique way of massaging technique which helps in prevention of further hair loss. Promoting blood circulation and nourishing my scalp skin and muscles.

I was told that this process also acts as an exfoliating process to remove dead skin cells from the scalp as a flaky scalp is known to worsen hair loss in certain individuals.

Massaging deep into the scalp

Insider tip – If you are sensitive to body pain, feel free to advise their staff of your pain threshold during the process. Not saying that it’s painful but at some point, it was slightly unbearable for me as the therapist needed to apply more pressure on some spot for better effects. And I’m someone who cannot take even a little bit of pain or pressure. They say it’s an after effect of body changes after giving birth.


I not only felt the change, I saw the change! Helen gave me a scan on my scalp, and instead of oily, dandruff filled and white hair, what I saw was darker hair and cleaner scalp! No clogs of dandruff, sebum and that oiliness stint anymore!

Scanning my reborn scalp after the Signature Absolutte Hair Masque
TOP IMG: “Before” greying of hair, oily and dandruff , BELOW IMG: After”  cleaner and no more clogs

I got that minty sensation as they applied refreshing hair lotion during the massage. I look so much different without the white strands of hair hidden among my healthier mane, I look fresher! I didn’t expect that Topp Care Hair Solutions could actually be my solutions for looking younger, considering I’m still breastfeeding which I consciously avoided coloring of my hair. Say hello to my DARKER AND (SOON) THICKER mane!

My lovely therapist


Two weeks later I came back for my 2nd treatment. The second chance of getting rescue on my problematic scalp was to target excessive sebum production and dandruff issues. I was serviced with the Topp Care’s Detoxdren Scalp Masque enriched with active ingredient Horse Chestnut to improve blood circulation while protecting scalp and hair.

Back for my 2nd treatment – Topp Care Detocdren Scalp Masque


This treatment is suitable for everyone who has issues with dandruff and oily scalp.

What I will get from this treatment would be an improvement of the seba­ceous gland function to regulates my sebum production. In another way to naturally make healthier hair to produce the moderate amount of sebum to protect itself while unclogging blockages and residues around hair pores.

This time compares to the previous treatment was a shorter session. All I remember was the rejuvenating massages after application of the masque which left me feels lighter and more energized again!

I felt that the masque nourishes my scalp and hair, and my hair was soft and “bouncy” once more.

Before – my oily scalp
After – Refreshed

My therapist told me that this treatment also protects my scalp from harmful UV radiation and stimulating collagen production! I can’t wait to have healthier hair from this one treatment!

Topp Care Hair Care products

Together with the treatments, I was also provided with their Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo(250ml) and Repair Conditioner(250ml) to be used at home for better results! For those who are looking for naturally healthier, darker and thicker hair, apart from improving our sleep and diet, I’m sure that Topp Care would be my recommended hair solution!


Grab the chance to give your scalp a healthier growth if you want to give Topp Care a try!  Treatment prices are FIXED without any adds on (isn’t this the best!)!


All you need to do to have healthier hair is to call 6645-3020 and quote “FAMILYSG” or visit this link to enjoy the promotion: to enjoy $80* Topp Care Signature Absolutte Masque Hair Treatment Promotion (U.P $268) and receive Free Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo(250ml).

Disclosure: This  post is sponsored by Topp Care Hair Solutions.

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