With the high demands of weekend staycation from young families in the recent years, there are an increasing rise of Unique Boutique Hotels in Singapore cognate to the Perankana theme hotel along the heritage lane of East Coast Road we featured last month, this time round we entered into historical world of a beautifully refurbished Singapore’s own idiosyncratic heritage hotel under the chains of Santa Grand HotelsLai Chun Yuen situated renewed in the heart of Chinatown district.

We can’t wait to show you more of the pic-worthy rooms for a retreat into history and the great perks we have for you to experience an affordable stay in this elegant beauty in Singapore! (look out for it right after you have read our article!) 

familystaysg - Santa grand hotel LCY
Beautifully preserved from the Famous Chinese Opera Theatre in Chinatown – now stands Santa Grand Hotel Lai Chun Yuen

Famous Opera Theatre in Singapore

If you are a fan of local heritage cultures, the gorgeous crimson imbued walls of Santa Grand Hotel Lai Chun Yuen tells you a long story of its former glory years as a the most famous Chinese Opera Theatre in the 18th century. The staggering fact of its overwhelming popularity along the formerly known Theatre street was a trademark for well-celebrated opera stars to make their stage performance here. 

familystaysg - Santa grand hotel LCY
Preserving the Opera theater’s culture within the Hotel for an unique experience liked no other

Family-oriented rooms 

In our hunt for family friendly hotels, we were amazed by Santa Grand Hotel’s hospitality in catering to all their guests, with 3 family-oriented rooms surprisingly found within this boutique hotel and not forgetting the adorable Santa Grand Hotel Bear for kids to bring home! 

familystaysg - santa grand hotel
Find out more later on how to keep this adorable bear when you book your stay at Santa Grand Hotel Lai Chun Yuen! (oops. Baby not included)


This stunning quaint Superior queen room comes as a more intimate and cozy abode for parents night away from your little darlings for the weekend, placed them in the grand folks’ and soak into a short romantic getaway and reminisce under the Moon gate bed famously seen as traditional Chinese beds in the ancient times. Be spoilt with countless choices of water holes along the district of the bustling Chinatown or you can skip over to the food fares at Chinatown Complex Food Center to be inundated with delectable local food! Do note that some rooms may not have windows so you may throw in your requests during check in nevertheless it’s supposed to be a romantic night out, who cares about the windows.


familystaysg - Santa grand hotel LCY
snuggle together in this intimate Superior Queen size bedroom and to see whether you are in the warrior, Scholar or Majesty room look out for your room door’s deco!

Take a comfy rest on their queen-sized bed in a window room overlooking the busy street of Chinatown. We heard that wifi is complimentary as well with local calls in all their rooms so take 5 and check on your little ones after spending quality time with your partner around this rich heritage hotel. Rooms may vary to size due to the architectural shape of the building, so there will be surprises every time you come back for a stay. 


familystaysg - Santa grand hotel LCY

This high ceiling loft room comes with a queen-sized bed and one single-sized bed for a unique and unforgettable family get-together stay in Lai Chun Yuen. Bring the kids back into history to experience the life of the early 19s by trotting around the streets and read from the wall plaque on the yesteryear history of the district – nothing beats staying at where it all happened. Expect per night to cost from $230 for 3 pax + 1 child sharing existing bed.  


familystaysg - Santa grand hotel LCY
The wooden balconies and decorative painted ornaments have been wonderfully restored to reflect the building’s former past as Lai Chun Yuen

If you are those who enjoys listening to the morning hustle-bustle to start off your day, this twin beds room comes with a balcony and gorgeous full-length wooden window(door) to peek out on the ongoings out on the streets. The city comes alive along the streets from 1-2am, so head out for supper if your hunger pangs get to you in the middle of the night. You may get this charming room ranging from $170 per night. We love the cozy balcony area while our kids roam outdoor, we keep the phones out, stretch away for an awesome time catching up on some readings. With a high occupancy from the expats, Thai, and Indonesians during the holiday season, take 2 weeks or more to book your rooms to avoid disappointments!  

 Lounge Area 

familystaysg - Santa grand hotel LCY

Tucked on the upper level, their lounge area was where the stage in the olden days was located, now beautifully decorated with same color sofa as its surrounding wall deco to allow guests to relax their feet (with complimentary self-serve drinks at the side) after a long day of sightseeing. 

 Things to do

familystaysg - Santa grand hotel LCY

Yum Cha | 20 Trengganu St, #02-01

Although Chinatown has undergone much restoration in the shophouses, but traditional Chinese cuisines are still seen everywhere in between streets among Hawkers or Restaurants. Spoilt with many dim sum choices at the traditional Cantonese Restaurant – Yum Cha literally claiming its name to what it served – tea with light bites. It breathes the authentic Cantonese flavour into its dim sum, featuring a great venue for families to gather for affordable fares and savory menu. A more than familiar sight to behold in local families, getting up early on weekends just to avoid the packed crowds! 

Chinatown Complex Food Centre | 335 Smith Street

Alluring with heaps of affordable local food delights is a must to try for visitors who stepped into the streets of Chinatown. When in Chinatown, live like a Chinatown-er. Yup, as the smart locals we already know what to select and pick – just follow the queue lor! From fried pumpkin cake, clay pot rice, pork porridge to Teochew style dumplings; multifold of authentic local food only found in this food centre, so do check out your enticing local fares for a replete meal time thru out the day! 

Chinatown Visitor Center |  2 Banda St

Check out the rich culture of Chinatown with the list of recommended Art Gallery, Clans & Associations, Museums &  Memorials and the charming places to worship. Listen to stories of how Chinatown got its name – it was said that fresh water had to be carted in by bullock-drawn carts, the practice of which gave rise to Chinatown’s other name – Niu Che Shui, or Bullock-Cart-Water. If you wish to find out more on the guided tours, Chinatown Visitor center is located at Smith street within walking distances to Santa Grand Hotel Lai Chun Yuen! 

To experience an unforgettable experience at Santa Grand Hotel Lai Chun Yuen, zoom in here! Our exclusive offers for you!

Familystaysg - Santa grand hotel

Terms & Conditions:

  • Reservations are non-refundable.
  • *Family room consist: Santa Grand Hotel Lai Chun Yuen – A Queen bed and a single bed / Santa Grand Hotel East Coast – A King bed and a super single bed.
  • Promotion is only applicable for reservations made directly to Santa Grand Hotels reservation email.
  • Black-Out Dates apply.
  • Santa Grand Hotels reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.

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