If you think frolicking in the water with your babies is swimming then you are so wrong. To inspire or cultivate a real swimmer from birth, the legitimate way is to bring him/her to a real swimming class. Our recommendation if you ask? We gave our thumbs to the stalwart coaches at Inspire Mum & Baby down at Changi Road because we have been down in the water and back with a decision. We are coming back for more!

For the past 8 years, since 2007 from Katong Mall, Inspire has helped parents to guide their babies in adopting an independence in swimming and other bonding classes such as family yoga and baby massages classes. Their owner cum instructor Linda has been the main pillar to this health and fitness centre to support family planning with their personalized loving touch of many fun and interactive courses for the whole family from grandparents to babies.

water baby - inspire mum & baby review
Perched on the rooftop along Eunos, we attended Instructor Linda’s morning classes. unlike those public pools, this infinity pool had a holistic environment with great views.

To coach the little ones to be confident in the water is not plain sailing for some, from our dreaded past swimming experience with a 17-month old toddler, was proven otherwise when we were at Inspire. We had a chat with Instructor Linda and here are what we learned from her at the Baby Swimming Level 1 & 2 classes perched on a private rooftop pool above WIS building with our excited water baby wanna-be.

water baby - inspire mum & baby review
we were firstly taught the right way to hold our babies, listen to their cues instead of enforcing on them


There are many advantages for the babies to do swimming at a young age. Babies learn swimming at a rapid speed once they gain their confidence in the water. The motor skills and coordination are greatly enhanced due to the movements in the water and that’s why Inspire recommend babies with special needs to do swimming as that will encourage them to relax and move their body in a gentler flow which encourages flow movement to dynamic movements.

My (Linda’s) two kids started at a young age from 5 weeks plus. The babies who do lots of swimming, kicking usually will do a good crawl as the movements are similar. The symmetric movements encourage crawling, balancing and coordinated movements and support.

water baby - inspire mum & baby review
we learn how to hold our babies gently but giving them a sense of independence in water with music and singing


Babies are recommended to have enough rest prior to class. It’s usually not a good day for the parent if the child just wakes up from the nap or it’s sleeping time. At Inspire, classes start in the early morning either 9 or 930am, many babies might get grouchy being up so early, therefore, start the day early to get their sleepy head freshen up and be on time for the lessons.

water baby - inspire mum & baby review
with a range of swim movements and songs like “row row row your boat”, we learn to guide the little swimmers to be confident in the water. swaying from side to side, letting them get comfortable within the class


Inspire have taught hundreds of students or potentially more through the 8 years and we have grown with the kids and parents. The approach is always on babies cues and their readiness and assist the parents to guide the babies into the objectives for the lessons. Work on encouraging the babies and not to enforce or force the child. Thus, it will be a gentler and respectful approach to the young ones.

water baby - inspire mum & baby review
From a distance, our babies learn to paddle with their arms to safety
water baby - inspire mum & baby review
Instructor Linda inspired the babies to move towards the edge of the pool with colorful toys as a luring device to attract them.


To allow the growth of their water confidence in babies and increased parent/child communication. Once the babies are having their water confidence, the swimming, etc. will come. Eventually, with time and practice, the little ones will improve and become water babies in the next level. 

water baby - inspire mum & baby review
Leaning on the float, babies are taught on how to grab on to devices in the water
water baby - inspire mum & baby review
straightening their legs, our little fishes cultivate habits to kick and swim with the right techniques.
water baby - inspire mum & baby review
hippie hooray! twist and turn in the air and land well in the arms of the guardians or maybe the water ?
water baby - inspire mum & baby review
Time to say goodbye, it was great lesson everyone! kick your feet and say bye bye!

At the end of the lesson, our little swimmer warmed up from the reluctant early morning wake to a range of games and familiar songs we sing at home. Not only he was happy to be kicking his feet confidently but he also learned new techniques to move better in the water. Without much effort, our water baby leaped off the edge of the pool wall, chest first into the water with a proud smile on his face right into our arms. And to all parents if this is something you look forward to experiencing, then look forward to further more new and exciting skills your baby can learn at Inspire Mum & Baby. We? Let’s try some submerging this weekend.

If you are interested in trying out at Inspire Mum & Baby for their baby swimming lessons, you may visit their website for more information at www.inspiremumbaby.com


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All photos are credited to Ivory Hu from Studio Concept, they are specialised photographers for over two decades in baby and family portraits if interested please feel free to contact them on their Facebook page. 

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