Tailor – Made Holiday with Lightfoot Travel 

As much as we enjoy travelling and exploring new lands, we can’t say that holiday planning is a stress-free and enjoyable activity after a long day toiling away at the office. And for parents, the pressure is even more intense, having to take into account the kids’ needs. Wouldn’t it be ideal to speak to someone in the know, explain your needs and holiday ideals, and then sit down and have the nitty gritty taken care of by someone with experience?

Familystaysg - What is a tailor-made holiday
Wildlife and Safaris Camel riding at Kenya Sabuk

Fortunately, we have just met a fantastic bespoke travel agency who understands the stress of holiday planning for families, and who take the lead in organizing unique and memorable getaways. Who are they? Lightfoot Travel, a luxury tour operator which specializes in bespoke holidays across the globe – and yes, that means as far as Antarctica and as remote as the Atacama Desert!

Familystaysg - What is a tailor-made holiday
Family ski at New Zealand Treble cone

What is a bespoke holiday, you say? To put it simply, it’s everything you want it to be in terms of activities, types of hotels, modes of transport and even restaurants you choose to dine at. How does it work? It’s fairly simple; once you have gotten in touch with one of the team’s Travel Designers and they have identified where you want to go and what you want to do – teaching the kids to snorkel, seeing leopards in the wild, eating your way through Italy – they will tailor make an experience based on your requirements. Each and every single one of their holidays is unique and handcrafted to suit your needs. Looking for a hotel with a kid’s concierge? A villa that comes with a resident dog to delight your animal-loving kids? A resort with activities for older kids to satisfy those hard-to-please teens? Lightfoot Travel has got you covered.

Familystaysg - What is a tailor-made holiday
Lets dine in at Safaris Kenya Giraffe Manor

But why book with Lightfoot Travel when you can do everything yourself?

  • Instead of researching, calling and emailing multiple hotels, organizing your own transfer, finding and booking countless activities for your holiday, you can limit those exchanges to just one Travel Designer, who will be in charge of doing all that on your behalf.
  • Lightfoot Travel’s Designers recommend hotels and excursions they have personally experiences and this first-hand experience makes all the difference between a great and a fantastic holiday.
  • Each Travel Designer is specialized in a specific region, so if you are planning a family holiday to Mexico, their Designer knows the country in and out. Want to explore the South African wilderness? No problem, they will put you in touch with their specialist; you are always in good hands.
  • The best part? You won’t be paying more than what you would have, had you planned your holiday yourself. However, you would be saving yourself from a logistical headache!
Familystaysg - What is a tailor-made holiday
Mountain Bikers, Lake Dunstan and Autumn Colours, Bannockburn, Central Otago, South Island, New Zealand

So if you’ve put off cruising the Galapagos Islands, a week-long cultural exploration of Myanmar or a month-long culinary voyage through Europe because the organisation seemed too overwhelming, you now know who to turn to.

Familystaysg - What is a tailor-made holiday
Snow white beaches at Hayman Island

Personally, we like the sound of their Family Adventure in New Zealand’s South Island as well as their Ultimate Brazil for Families experience. Closer to home, their Boracay for Families looks perfect for some much needed beach-side R&R, whilst Siem Reap with Kids seems like a great way to make a cultural holiday fun and enjoyable for the littlest ones.

This article was brought to you by Lightfoot Travel, a Singapore-based luxury tour operator offering expert travel advice & inspiration, tailor-made itineraries & full booking services.