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For the times you and your kids come by Parklane Green down at East Coast Park, while passing by this contemporary designed restaurant featuring a cool 15m splash pool overlooking the lapping beach, have you ever want to plunge in for a quick dip? We bet your kids does! Not sure if you know but good news is – they can!

Sandbank’s plunge pool is distinctly designed for children to get one third of it and adults to own another two third of that cooling splash. On one condition however only if you dine in with them. How attractive is that!

Nevertheless frolicking was not the motivation why we head down in the early Saturday morning, we were nicely invited by the kind people from Sandbank to experience their recently launched and all-ready highly favored by families; Breakfast menu.

Solely available during Weekends & PH from 9 a.m. to 1130 a.m. 

Family stay sg - sandbanks

We aren’t stranger to this new establishment since it opened its door last year. Parklane Green has become the favorite hangout with lovely weekend brunches, beautiful green lawns and ample parking lots popular for the east siders liked us. Especially with an array of eateries to chose from, you just have to find a favorable outlet to settle down and chill.

Apart from the undemanding ambiance, signature 15m splash pool, or even being the sister company of the successful The Bank Bar + Bistro stationed at Shenton way, we gave our nod to Sandbank’s services and menu alike.

Family stay sg - sandbanks

For this past year, we have seen many young families spending a good old unwind moments in this family friendly restaurant. Sandbank has paved its way to cater to families with kids for a splashing fun while serving a comprehensive range of gastronomical delights such as handmade pizza, char-grilled meats and seafood curated in their open concept kitchen. At the same time also offering draught beers, wines and other beverages to spice up the relaxed and laid back experience for the not so little ones.

Lets read on for the purpose of our trip here.. Introducing..

Family stay sg - sandbanks
Sandbank Breakfast | $21


Start the day right with the usual suspects of a hearty breakfast – Two eggs served with sauteed mushroom, bacon, tomatoes, chicken Chipolata, honey baked ham, baked beans, mini hash brown and toast (We had cheese Omelette). Complete your brekkie with an aromatic cup of coffee or tea, juices and soda with just $4. (Non-refillable; only for the pot of tea though).

Family stay sg - sandbanks
Portobello Mushroom & Scramble Egg ($16)

Next on the line was their Portobello Mushroom & Scramble Egg served with sprinkle of bacon bites to arouse the crisp to this dish. Oh, how we love their crunchy hash browns, and before we know it our little one had munched up the last piece! The Salad was also given in a generous spread as well considering there was a mouthful of scramble eggs topping the jumbo mushroom!

Family stay sg - sandbanks
Egg benedict ($14)

Egg Benedict is the all time favorite (seriously, who’s doesn’t?), which can be seen in all our western breakfast’s order! Their velvet egg yolk and creamy Hollandaise sauce was mouth-watering at the sight of it. Though the hollandaise was slightly rich for us after a few mouth, but the luscious arugula salad, crisped hash brown and wholesome forccasia bread completes the appetizing experience. In a blink of an eye we gobbled the whole platter.

Family stay sg - sandbanks
Scramble Egg on Toast ($14)


Second serving of cheesy scramble eggs and toast on our table and though we may seem to have enough of eggs already, once in a while we recommend to go simple while your kids are in the pool dipping. Sip a cup of coffee along with this evenly-colored eggs-traordinary does sound good to us. 

Family stay sg - sandbanks
Cheese French Toast ($13)


The best thing while sharing galore of food together with the team, is that we are left with ample space in our paunch for more. Served with crackling roasted walnut, strawberries and blueberries, this Cheese French Toast was one of our Sandbank’s favorite! Their simple touches of maple syrup was ample enough for the entire dish. Without doubt less is more is wisely used in this sense.

Family stay sg - sandbanks
Soup & Salad ($13)


Additionally we requested for their soup & salad between the choice of Seafood Chowder or Roasted Roma Tomato. Well, as lovers of the sea creatures, from the above image you can see that we were given the former. Taste and portion was fairly decent considering its only for one person’s consumption but hey, did you see those salad again! All we remember while writing now seems like more hash browns and lots of salads! 

Family stay sg - sandbanks


Family stay sg - sandbanks

Being the parents ourselves, we are on constant search and welcomes restaurants that offers Kids menu. With that in mind, we are sure that Sandbank not only satisfy our taste buds but also fills up those little tummies. Maybe meanwhile waiting for your orders to be serve, lets go for a swim, shall we? 

For parents whose planning to head down soon to have your experience at their egg-tastic breakfast menu, do take note that plunge pools are available till 7p.m. daily. 

SANDBANK | 920 East Coast Parkway, #01-28/32 Parkland Green Singapore 449875 | +65 6247  7988


Tue / Wed / Thu / Fri – 4 p.m. – 12 a.m.

Sat / Sun / PH – 9 a.m. – 12 a.m. 

Bon appetite, 

Familystaysg team 

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